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RECON-PRO AML-1000 RECON-PRO AML-1000 Full Operational Versatility Technical Specifications RECON-PRO AML-1000 pdf

Full Operational Versatility

MILITARY: Rapid deployment for mines, UXO, and IED search.

HUMANITARIAN: Highly dependable with deep detection capability.

Optimum Detection Sensitivity: Low metal content targets to large
metallic items are detected in ALL soils and shallow water with full
detection capability.

Advanced Pulse Induction Technology: Allows operation in ALL
soil conditions (including areas with conductive stones) with minimal and
fast adaptation. Use additional fine tuning control for extreme soil conditions.

No Assembly Required: Simply remove from its case and the RECON-PRO® is ready for operation!

Adjustable Operating Length: Three camlocks allow operator to extend the telescopic shaft and lock in various lengths to best suit the search environment and/or the operator. Detection work can be done in standing, kneeling or prone position. Interchangeable assembly allows user to quickly exchange search heads.

Easy and Accurate Pinpointing: A special pinpoint function is provided to identify the size, shape and position of large buried targets.

Compact Design: The RECON-PRO easily collapses and folds to a compact size for storage in its backpack or watertight transport case.

Deep Search Capability: The RECON-PRO's standard search head had excellent detection depth on small targets.

Optional UXO search head: Use for locating larger and more deeply buried objects. Includes surface debris elimination.

Selectable "salt/surf zone" mode: Eliminate false responses from surf action.

Simple Control Design: Operational controls are designed for simple function initiations. Operators can quickly set up the RECON-PRO as required and fully concentrate on detection tasks.

Sensitivity Control: Operators may select a sensitivity setting (7 preset levels) to suit their search requirements.

Tone ID: Detected metal objects provide a low tone for most ferrous and a high tone for most non-ferrous indications.

RFI Noise Elimination: With a single button press, interference from RFI sources is automatically scanned and eliminated.

Triple Detection Alert: A built-in speaker is provided along with an LED bar graph display for target signal indications. Our headsets can be connected to the detector and will function with speaker On or Off.

Adjustable Audio Threshold: Adjustable level allows operator to enhance detection efficiency.