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Metal Detecting Coins and Jewelry Gallery Garrett fans share their favorite finds!
Robert's coins    
Robert J. of Garland, TX uses the GTP 1350 to hunt for old silver coins. Some of his favorite recoveries here include: an 1898 Barber dime, silver Standing Liberties, and a 1921 Barber silver dollar.

Joe's 1847 half dime    
Joe W. of Dallas, TX found this 1847 half dime with his GTI 2500 at a four-inch depth.
Cliff's ring    
Cliff L. of Rockport scooped this beauty from the sand along a Port Aransas beach boardwalk. He was using a Garrett GTAx 750 and read this target as a nickel. When taken to a local jeweler by Cliff, the ring was appraised at $7,261, containing a 1.4-carat flawless diamond.
Vance's coins and jewelry  
Vance G. of Texas has recovered many old coins and nice jewelry pieces with his GTI 2500 around old home sites.