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Golden Nugget Casino's "Hand of Faith" gold nugget    
This $1 million gold nugget—nicknamed the "Hand of Faith" by its finder—was found with a Garrett detector in Australia. This 875-troy-ounce nugget (roughly 61 pounds and 11 ounces) is now on display in the lobby of the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas.

Chemist Virgil Hutton's "Snow White"    
Another interesting Garrett find is this 7.656" tall gem nicknamed "Snow White" from Western Australia's Golden Mile. Chemist Virgil Hutton removed the iron from the 80-ounce rock, leaving only the white quartz and the embedded gold.
Tom's 13 early vintage coins    
  Tom F. of Virginia found 13 early vintage coins with his Garrett Grand Master Hunter, including these two from 1787.