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ACE™ 350 Metal Detector
PN: 1140260....MSRP: $349.95 (U.S.)
Standard Searchcoil
8.5 x 11 in. ACE PROformance  DD Searchcoi   8.5" x 11" ACE PROformance™ DD Searchcoil
PN: 2222000.....$139.95
Optional Searchcoils
9x12 inch ACE PROformance Searchcoil   9" x 12" ACE PROformance™ Concentric Searchcoil
PN: 2221900.....$99.95
6.5x9 in. ACE PROformance Searchcoil   6.5" x 9" ACE PROformance™ Searchcoil
P N: 2221700.....$89.95
5 x8 in. PROformanceâ„¢ DD submersible searchcoil   5" x 8" PROformance™ DD submersible searchcoil
PN: 2223000.....$129.95
4.5 inch ACE Sniper Searchcoil   4.5" ACE Sniper Searchcoil
PN: 2221800.....$84.95

Use when searching for small, shallow targets in trashy or tight places.
New Garrett DD Searchcoil Offers ACE Search Advantages
  • DD configuration provides greater detection depth and performance by significantly reducing the negative effects of heavily mineralized ground and saltwater interference.

  • Long, narrow detection field provides excellent
    scanning coverage and target separation ability,
    as compared to conventional coils.

  • Garrett exclusive: blunted tip and tail design further extends coil's total scan area and offers improved searching along obstacles (walls, fencing, etc.).

  • Optimized for maximum detection depth on small relics and coin-sized targets.

  • Excellent ground visibility through coil.

  • Rugged, Rhino-Tough™ epoxy-filled construction.

  • Waterproof design; near-neutral buoyancy in water.
Front View
Side View
DD coil's narrow detection field offers better target separation than a conventional coil.
Indicates increased scan area of Garrett's blunted DD coil design.
Garrett's blunted DD coil design detection field.
Conventional coil's detection field.