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Accessories Garrett headphones and bags
Submersible Headphones Submersible Headphones
PN: 2202100.....$99.95
9x12 in. Coil Cover
9" x 12" Coil Cover
PN: 1612600.....$14.95
8.5" x 11 Double-D Coil Cover
8.5" x 11" DD Coil Cover
PN: 1606600.....$14.95
6.5" x 9" Coil Cover
6.5" x 9" Coil Cover
PN: 1605700.....$14.95
5x8 inch Coil Cover 5"x 8" DD Coil Cover
PN: 1607400......$12.95
4.5" Coil Cover
4.5" Coil Cover
PN: 1604200.....$4.95
1/4" Headphone Adapter
1/4" Headphone Adapter
PN: 1626000.....$39.95
Allows land-use headphones with a 1/4” male jack to be used with the Garrett AT Gold, AT Pro, Infinium and Sea Hunter models. (Not intended for submerged use.)
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