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FREE AT Gold Metal Detectors and more! Vaughan Garrett's Favorite Find of the Month
Each month, Vaughan will pick his Favorite Find of the month for the U.S. and International.
For each 2014 winner, he will give away an AT Gold detector AND some special edition Garrett 50-Year Anniversary items of his choice.
Two “golden” winners each month!

Simply submit your favorite find photo and story. (Same 3 ways: online form, via mail, or email). Everyone who submits will get a FREE Garrett 50-year patch AND a free 50-year sticker.


January 1, 2014 and running through December 31, 2014. On or about the tenth day of the next month, Vaughan will announce his winners—selected from everyone who entered during the previous month.


Anyone and everyone is encouraged to submit a personal treasure hunting success story with Garrett Metal Detectors. Every time a personal treasure hunting story is submitted, I become excited for the treasure hunter who made it happen.


Each month I will select one local (United States) and one International success story as my favorite submission. Each of these selected treasure hunters will receive one FREE Garrett AT Gold as my way of saying thanks to those persons who took the time to get out there, discover that treasure and submit their story to Garrett. Each month my column will be presented on the website and also in the periodic newsletter, The Garrett Searcher. Happy hunting and good fortune!

Each story has elements of excitement, expertise, effort, emotion, and sometimes just plain ol’ good fortune. Each month I will select MY favorite find, selected from the submit-a-story testimonials which are sent in by Garrett treasure hunters world-wide. My criteria will be based on what excites ME the most. It’s not always the rarest find or the most valuable that touches me. It may be a great find, a great story, a great photograph, a great history lesson, or maybe a great heart-felt emotion. If I don’t select you one month, please don’t be discouraged. Who knows? You just might be the one I pick next month!

Limited Edition Garrett items free to everyone who enters!

Vaughan Favorite Find of the Month WINNERS