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Vaughan Garrett's Favorite Find of the Month Winner
Find of the Month, July 2012

My favorite find for July 2012 is the beautiful Gold Angel Locket. Curtis M. from Lexington, MA searched an old sledding hill that he enjoyed as a kid. With his Garrett AT Pro in Pro mode, Curtis tells us about his discovery. "I was finding lots of coins and a couple of pull tabs when suddenly I got a strange number on my display of 57 and thought it was going to be another pull tab. Well I dug anyway and saw what was in the hole and couldn't believe it. "It was a beautiful gold locket that I could see, and when I opened it there was a lovely angel looking back at me!" Curtis added, "The AT Pro is deadly on gold and silver, and heaven help me when I finally take it in the water."

Great job Curtis on this inspiring discovery! Seems you have a guardian angel.

Curtis M. WINS a Garrett PRO-POINTER®!
Vaughan Garrett