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Vaughan Garrett's Favorite Find of the Month Winner
Find of the Month, May 2012

My favorite find for May 2012 is the 1906 Barber Half-Dollar discovered by Cody M. from Hunt, TX.

Cody is a very young man with a new hobby... treasure hunting. His father, Chris, is involved in his son’s life and shares this story with Garrett. “My son Cody wanted to go metal detect at a friend’s ranch in Kerrville, TX. He was using his late grandfather’s Garrett Treasure Ace 300. We spent around 45 minutes looking around two very large oak trees that were next to an old homestead. My son got a strong signal. I came over with my shovel and with one dig a 1906 Barber Half-Dollar coin popped out! Needless to say everyone was very excited and the ranch owner couldn’t believe it. You now a have a little boy completely hooked on metal detecting!”

Way to go Cody! I know your father is proud, and I’m sure your grandfather is rejoicing. Cody, you are the “Treasure Ace”.

Cody M. WINS a Garrett PRO-POINTER®!
Vaughan Garrett