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Vaughan Garrett's Favorite Find of the Month Winner
Find of the Month, September 2012

My favorite find for September 2012 is the 8 Grams of Gold. The largest nugget is 3.8 grams found at 9 inches down.

Michael G. from Hillsborough, North Carolina, purchased an AT Gold and took it to an old gold mine that he goes to from time to time. Michael shares his experience at the tailing piles. "It was about 30-40 minutes into the hunt when I got my first gold hit and it weighed 0.228 grams. This made me very happy since I had checked these tailing piles before with other detectors and missed it. This to me proved that the AT Gold is a great detector to own. I worked the area another 6 hours and found several other nuggets and by the end of the day I had found over eight grams. I am used to finding a half to a gram of gold a day but with the AT Gold I got over 8 grams in one day!" 

Michael added, "I would recommend the AT Gold to anyone as it is very easy to use and by far the best gold detector in my book on the market."

Great day of gold Mike!

Michael WINS a Garrett PRO-POINTER®!

Vaughan Garrett