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Central Texas Hunt
River Finds video
1st Annual Piney Woods
Metal detector enthusiast from 7 states gather in the piney woods of east Texas for an organized hunt put on by the East Texas Treasure Hunters Association.
Central Texas Group Hunt
A group of relic hunters search in and around a 1860s-1870s era military camp site.
Uncovering History in Oklahoma
Relics recovered from 1820s to early 1900s period include a cannon ball, Civil War bullets, military buttons, percussion caps and a metal type setting block with the design of Oklahoma's first flag.
(AT Pro and AT Gold)
River Finds
AT Gold river hunt with Beau and Dan in Civil War campaign area. Recovery of Spanish real, Confederate Gardner and Enfield bullets, artillery pieces, musket barrel, and more.
Ghost Town and Civil War Hunting with AT Gold
Short clips of coins and relics recovered during first hunts with the AT Gold.
    ACE 250   The Experience of a Europena Rally  
Southern Mississippi
Relic Hunt

Garrett search team recovers relics from Civil War site and from a river bluff where an 1800s courthouse once stood.
Buffalo Hunters Camp/Battlefield
Another Relic Quest Adventure From the Field.
Brass cartridges, lead bullets, Civil War-era belt plates, military buttons, and other relics are recovered by a Garrett search team on a West Texas site where early 1870s buffalo hunters apparently clashed with Native Americans.
UK Beach Hunting
with ACE 250

Jack Dey shares his enjoyment of beach hunting with the ACE 250. He describes his preferred settings and shows some of his jewelry finds.
  The Experience of a European Rally
This video shows the fun, food and fellowship experienced by dozens of European detectorists who gathered recently for the Zoekrally 2012 organized rally held in Belgium.
  Roman Coin find with AT Pro International
John H. of England recovers a ancient coin from a heavily hunted site near Corfe Castle.
Fresh Water Hunting in the Netherlands  
Searching for Ancient Coins in Belgium video
Fresh Water Hunting in the Netherlands
AT Pro International and AT Gold seen hunting in Holland along with some recent finds by two productive Dutch water hunters. A tip on how to recover a target with a long handled basket is shown.
Searching for Ancient Coins in Belgium
AT Pro International and AT Gold used to recover early hammered coins, Roman bronze coins and other finds in plowed fields of Belgium.