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Garrett GTI 2500 Metal Detector
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Standard Searchcoil
9.5" PROformance Imaging Submersible Searchcoil 9.5" PROformance™ Imaging Submersible Searchcoil
P N:. 2220200.....$179.95
Optional Searchcoils
Garrett 12.5" PROformance Imaging Searchcoil 12.5" PROformance™ Imaging Searchcoil
PN: 2220000.....$249.95
Detect deeper and get true target size and depth when cache and relic hunting.
Garrett 10" x 14" PROformance Power DD Elliptical Searchcoil 10" x 14" PROformance™ Power DD Elliptical Searchcoil
PN: 2217300.....$179.95
Use in areas with moderate to heavily mineralized soils.
Garrett 8.5 inch x 11 inch PROformance DD Searchcoil 8.5" x 11" PROformance™ DD Searchcoil
PN: 2222200.....$149.95
Garrett 5" x 8" GTI PROformance DD Searchcoil 5" x 8" PROformance™ DD Searchcoil
PN: 2222900.....$139.95
Garrett 5" x 10" Scorcher DD Searchcoil 5" x 10" Scorcher DD Searchcoil
PN: 2219800.....$149.95
Use it to find smaller targets(e.g. tiny gold nuggets) in moderate to heavily mineralized soils, such as when prospecting.
Garrett 4.5" Super Sniper Searchcoil 4.5" Super Sniper Searchcoil
PN: 2219700.....$99.95
Use to find smaller, shallower targets in trashy and/or confined areas.
Garrett TreasureHoundâ„¢ EagleEye Searchcoil

TreasureHound™ EagleEye Searchcoil
PN: 1611800.....$299.95
Find larger targets at twice the depth of conventional coils.
GTI 2500 Metal Detector sold separately

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GTI 2500 Metal Detector in the Field