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Retriever II

NEW Retriever II™Pick
PN: 1626700.....$64.95
19” length, 9.375” width pickhead from tip to tip. Steel tool with hand grip and reinforced head in silver vein powder coat finish.

  • Chiseled 3” digging blade and a narrow tip on the other end for
    picking through tight, rocky areas
  • Powerful rare earth magnet on top for ferrous items
  • Ideal for prospecting and shallow water hunting in rocky areas.
  • Weight: 2.8 lbs
Garrett  Edge Digger Garrett™ Edge Digger
PN: 1626200.....$39.95
(7.5" digging blade; 12" total length)
Strong carbon steel blade with cutting edge teeth. Non-slip blade guard with comfortable rubber handle. Includes Garrett carry sheath for belt mount use.
Camo Digger's Pouch Camo Digger's Pouch
PN: 1612900.....$11.95
  • 10" deep zippered treasure bag
  • Interior zippered treasure pocket to separate treasure from trash
  • Exterior MOLLE-type webbing grid is ideal for attaching a
    PRO-POINTER®, digging tools.
  • Secures with its own belt, ideal for water hunting
  • Belt fits up to 48 inch waist
Camo Pouch 18 inch Extender
PN: 1613000.....$2.50
Treasure Pouch Treasure Digger Kit
Treasure Pouch
PN: 1608800.....$8.95
Treasure Digger Kit
PN: 1601070.....$21.95
Includes Garrett treasure pouch, treasure probe and treasure digger
(see individually left and below).
Stainless Steel Sand Scoop
Metal Sand Scoop
Plastic Sand Scoop
Stainless Steel Sand Scoop
PN: 1600900.....$59.95
Metal Sand Scoop
PN: 1600970.....$39.95
Plastic Sand Scoop
PN: 1600971.....$19.95
Stainless Steel Treasure Trowel
Stainless Steel
Treasure Trowel

PN: 1606100.....$14.95
Gauge on trowel's inside blade measures in inches and centimeters. 10" length with
ribbed, no-slip handle.
Treasure Digger
PN: 1606000.....$6.95
Made of a tough polymer with marks to gauge depth of a hole.
Treasure Probe
PN: 1605800.....$8.95