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Scorpion Gold Stinger Metal Detector
Model No. 1194370.....MSRP: $549.95

  • 5" x 10" Crossfire™ DD submersible searchcoil
  • 10" gold pan
  • Instructional DVD.

     The Scorpion Gold Stinger is the cure for today's Gold Fever! Its world renowned 15kHz Groundhog circuitry has the power to penetrate heavily mineralized soils to locate nuggets, placer, float and ore veins. Use it when prospecting to sample ore and check "hot rocks" with ease and dependability.
    With the flip of a switch choose between Non-Motion All-Metal operation, Motion Discriminate for coin searching or true TR Discrimination to accurately identify or grade conductive ore. The Scorpion discovers more gold and ignores more junk metal than other detectors in its class.

Highly Recommended
- Jewelry Hunting, Prospecting

- Coin Hunting, Relic Hunting, Cache Hunting, Ghost Town Hunting, Dry Beach/Fresh Water Hunting


The Scorpion Gold Stinger's high frequency is ideal
for locating tiny gold nuggets!