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Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt 2018 in partnership with Texas Association of Metal Detecting Clubs. Fun. Diggin' Texas 2. Prizes. Charles Garrett 1932-2015.

Diggin’ Texas 2018




We will return to historic Jefferson, Texas, for another fun weekend of detecting to honor our company's founder.

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Diamond Don's RV Park

Basic Hunt Package:
  • Participation in prize hunts: Best Finds Hunt, Lights Out Hunt, Free Range Hunt, and Kids Hunt (for those 12 and  under).
  • One Charles Garrett Memorial/Diggin’ Texas Hunt T-shirt (if hunt fee is paid before February 1, 2018)
  • Free park admission and camping (RV camping requires additional fee)
  • Hunters are free to search throughout the park grounds for native coins and relics that can be entered in the Best Finds contests. In addition, special prize tokens will be seeded throughout the park grounds that offer the finders a chance at winning metal detectors and other prizes.
  • We also plan to excavate fresh areas of the historic town dump site, from which diggers unearthed many old bottles and relics at the past hunt.

Optional Silver Hunt and Relic Hunt also available.

Plenty of Fun for All Ages!
  • Meet other treasure hunters and find some treasure! Or explore Jefferson’s historic district and local museums.
  • Ride the Jefferson Railway!
    Narrated tours available on Saturday, March 24 at 12:30, 2:30, and 4:30. For rates visit or call
    (903) 742-2041
    to make a reservation.

    Jefferson Railway
  • Free Kids Hunt for ages 12 and under
  • Ironclad boat replica, and cannon firing demonstrations on Saturday (weather permitting)
  • All prizes will be awarded! A random drawing will be conducted for unclaimed prizes.
  • Special guests, more details to be announced!
  • Picnic and coolers allowed. Alcohol restricted from designated hunt areas.

Weekend of March 24-25, 2018 (rain or shine)

Diamond Don’s RV Park
1602 Highway 49 East
Jefferson, TX 75657


Diamond Don's RV reservations:


Email for information not covered below

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Flyer   Hunt Rules and Other FAQs
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Schedule   Hotel Information
  These forms are in Adobe Portable Document Format (pdf). You will need to install the free Adobe Reader software to view and print these files.

Aquachigger YouTube Channel Relic Recovererist YouTube Channel Relic Recovererist YouTube Channel Nugget Noggin YouTube Channel KG and Ringy YouTube Anaconda Treasure Channel

HUNT RULES AND OTHER FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Hunt Info and Rules

Free Range Hunt:

Open hunting in the wild, limited to areas within Diamond Don's RV Park that are not roped off as seeded hunt areas. See map in your hunt package for any areas that are off-limits. Special historic areas on the property will be made available for relic hunting and bottle hunting, including an early town dump site. For diggers or sifters, it is mandatory that all holes be filled back in.

In addition to historic relics or coins that might be found during this "wild" hunt, Garrett will also seed prize tokens and coin caches throughout the park. Hand diggers or small shovels can be used in free range hunt. Headphones are required on paid hunt fields. Don't give up on hunting the property after Friday. (Garrett staff just might re-seed more prize tokens during the night!)

YOUR HUNT TAG (provided in your hunt pack) MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES.

Free Range hunting times are as follows: Friday, March 23, from Noon to 7:30pm; Saturday, March 24, from 7:30am to 7:30pm; and Sunday, March 25, from 7:30am until 3:00pm. Any tokens found in the Free Range areas must be redeemed at 6:00pm on Saturday, March 24. Free Range "best finds" may be turned in beginning at 3:00pm on Saturday. Submissions will not be accepted before this time.

PRIZE TOKENS: For each prize token you find, Garrett Hunt Staff will give you one prize ticket at the hunt headquarters. The more tokens you find, the more tickets you will receive. On Saturday evening, a random drawing of tickets will take place to award metal detectors and other prizes.

Best Finds Hunt:

Turn in your best or favorite find that you make while free range hunting in the park. There will be several categories announced and displayed at the park pavilion/Hunt Headquarters. (See "How will the Best Finds be Judged?" section for more info.) Registered diggers may submit one entry per "Best Find" category. Submissions must be turned in by 6:00pm on Saturday, March 24, at the pavilion headquarters.

Relics dug in the Saturday Relic Hunt will not be considered for Best Finds categories. Metal detector prizes will be awarded for each "Best Find" category.

Lights Out Hunt:

Held after dark on Saturday evening, using only detectors. No flashlights and no pinpointers allowed. Find surface targets in the dark, including coins and tokens redeemable for detectors and pinpointers. Only hand diggers are allowed and headphones are required. No pulse machines. Prize redemption for tokens found during this hunt will take place immediately following the hunt.

Kids Hunt:

Limited to children ages 12 and under. Fields will be planted with coins, jewelry, relics, and prize tokens. Headphones required. No pulse machines. A parent can accompany smaller children to help with recoveries. If some tokens remain unfound, a drawing will be held from the names of all participating children. Must be present to win.

Relic Hunt:

Paid participants only. Large hunt field, including lightly forested areas, will be planted with Civil War relics (minie balls, buttons, etc.) and includes prize tokens. All fees collected for this hunt will be used to buy relics to put in the ground and for special prizes. Prizes and number of relics planted will increase depending on number of entries. Following the hunt, all prizes will be distributed. If some tokens remain unfound, a drawing will be held from the names of all paid entrants. Must be present to win. Only hand diggers or small shovels are allowed and headphones are required. No pulse machines. For any relic tokens found after the prize distribution, please see Garrett Hunt Master.

Silver Hunt:

Paid participants only. Large hunt field, including lightly forested areas, will be planted with silver coins, silver rings, and prize tokens (redeemable for metal detectors, pinpointers, special coins, and more). All fees collected for this hunt will be used to buy silver to put in the ground. Prizes and number of coins planted will increase depending on number of entries. Following the hunt, all prizes will be distributed. If some tokens remain unfound, a drawing will be held from the names of all paid entrants. Must be present to win. Only hand diggers or small shovels are allowed and headphones are required. No pulse machines. For any prize tokens found after the prize distribution, please see Garrett Hunt Master.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I register and who do I pay?

Select the Entry Form on this web page. Print the form and complete it, selecting the hunts you desire. Write in the total cost of your combined selections and then make your check or money order payable to Garrett Metal Detectors. See entry form for mailing address. Garrett is not accepting credit cards or Pay Pal for this special event. On your entry form, please indicate if you will be bringing any children ages 12 or younger who wish to participate in the Kids Hunt. If so, please list the ages of all kids who will be attending (to help with our planning).

Can I show up the day of the hunt and pay to enter?

No. Due to property size, the Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt will have a limited number of hunters. All slots are expected to filled prior to March 1. Should there be any revision to this policy, please watch the Garrett Hunt web page for any updates.

How can I get an extra Diggin' Texas hunt T-shirt?

One free hunt T-shirt will be given to each Basic Hunt Package participant who is paid on or before February 1, 2018. T-shirts will be distributed with your hunt pack that is picked up at registration at the hunt site. If additional shirts are desired, these must be ordered at the time you submit your entry form.

How many prizes will be given away?

Garrett will be awarding multiple metal detectors (such as the AT Max, AT Pro, AT Gold, ACE 400, and ACE 200) and Pro-Pointers for five of the main hunts: Free Range Hunt, Kids Hunt, Silver Hunt, Relic Hunt, and the Lights Out Hunt. For the sixth hunt, the Best Finds Hunt, Garrett will award a metal detector to the winner of each named category (categories will be revealed at the hunt).

Additional prize tokens will be planted during the various hunts that can be redeemed for various Garrett accessories and other prizes (to be announced at the hunt).

What if some prize tokens are not found?

All prizes will be awarded. For any prize tokens not discovered and/or not turned in, a drawing will be held to award the prizes. For the Relic Hunt, Kids Hunt, and Silver Hunt, only the eligible participants of each particular hunt will be eligible for the drawing. (For example, the drawing for any unclaimed Kids Hunt prizes will be held using only the names of the participating children.)

Drawings for unclaimed prizes will take place immediately following each particular hunt. YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO CLAIM A PRIZE. Should you need to leave the hunt for any reason, please leave your prize token with someone you will allow to claim your prize in your place.

What if I find a prize token after awards have been distributed?

Please see the Garrett Hunt Master at the headquarters pavilion to redeem your token for a consolation gift.

How will the Best Finds hunt categories be judged?

A small panel of VIP judges will be announced at the hunt. Each person participating in the Best Finds hunt can submit one (1) entry per category. For each category, the judge panel will select their favorite find and announce a winner. The decision of the judge panel is final. Their selection is not based solely on age or value of any particular find: it is merely the "favorite" of the judges.

Can I search in a hunt field after that event has ended?

Only once that area has been declared open for hunting. Most of the special hunt fields (Relic Hunt, Silver Hunt, Lights Out Hunt, Kids Hunt) will be off-limits until Sunday afternoon (once all prizes have been distributed and the Garrett Hunt Master declares the area to be open for hunting).

What are the park rules for camping at Diamond Don's?

Tent camping is covered by your Basic Hunt Package fee. Interested RV owners should check in advance with Diamond Don's for nightly rates and availability of spaces. Portable toilets will be on site for the use of all guests. For more info on the campground, including info on pets, fishing, boating, evening noise curfew, and things to do in the Jefferson area, please visit Diamond Don's website:

What should I bring to the hunt?

Everything you need to make yourself comfortable and enjoy some fun hunts. Suggested items include: lawn chairs, metal detectors, pinpointers, hand digger, small shovel, food, snacks, water, sunscreen, camera, camping gear (for those staying on site), trash bags, bug spray, rain gear and extra money (souvenirs, local museum fees, evening meals, etc.). Dump diggers can bring sifting screens, leather gloves, kneepads, and other accessories, if desired.

Will food and beverages be available on site?

Yes. Diamond Don's RV Park is coordinating with Jefferson-area food vendors to have various meals and beverages available for purchase at the main hunt headquarters barn. Please visit that area to see prices, food availability, and times of operation.

Can I bring my 4-wheeler?

Diamond Don's will allow utility ATVs for use in moving from one end of the property to the other, as long as reasonable discretion is used. The safety of other hunters in the field and on the trails is foremost. Any ATV driver must be licensed, and speed should not exceed 10mph. Anyone seen driving with excessive speed or recklessly will be asked to return their ATV to its trailer.

Can I metal detect on Diamond Don's property before or after the hunt?

No. This RV park is private property. The owners have granted special permission to Garrett to use the property for the Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt. The only times metal detectors are allowed on this property are listed on the hunt schedule. Upon the close of hunting on Sunday, campers do not have permission to metal detect on the property without obtaining permission directly from the property owners.

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